The Tri-County League (TCL)  aims to develop high-school basketball players year round. This league provides the opportunity for players to compete at a very high level with other local players. Many of these players will meet again on the courts for their respective high schools whether it be in the PAC or Berks InterCounty League.

The main goal that empowers this league with great success year after year is the idea of playing time. To accomplish this fundamental goal, teams are kept relatively small so that all members of the team can showcase and build upon their skills. Coaches of the individual teams do an excellent job of keeping games competitive but at the same time allowing all of their players to have an opportunity to grow their game. Players always come back year after year telling me how much they have improved because of their time at TCL.

All games are overseen by experienced referees who control the environment on the court. This is one area that Tri-County League separates itself from other local leagues. Many off-season basketball leagues are merely pickup games that are taken lightly. At TCL, we want to provide our athletes with game like situations therefore we need to enforce the rules of the court so players can develop their game in accordance with the rules.

For a complete list of rules and regulations, please click here.


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July 5, 2020 - Name, Team, Division

July 5, 2020 - Name, Team, Division




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